Hey, fabulous! I'm Csilla.

I teach female entrepreneurs, experts and educators to speak confidently.

My Speaking Made Simple Framework® helps you speak in a way that elevates your impact, image and income.

The world needs your unique voice and one-of-a-kind message. Show up and SHINE!

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let's get started

let's get started

Do you wanna know what wakes me wake up with excitement in the morning? You!! Why? Because I know that your message and expertise can change lives.

I also know that sometimes you struggle knowing how to articulate who you are, what you do and how you help people.

My mission is to help you feel ready and confident any time you speak.  To elevate your impact, image and income.

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show up & sound confident?

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One Word at a time!

Fueled by strong espresso, a book nerd, avid runner, and no stranger to the stage.

Helping women speak with power and confidence is my superpower. Early on in my career I realized the power of words. Having presented on 1,000+ stages in the last 20 years and mentored hundreds of business owners,  I've seen first hand how much speaking to an audience can boost ones reputation and recognition.

I hate to see highly-skilled entrepreneurs struggling with growing a sustainable business just because they haven't been able to craft and deliver their signature message effectively to a captivated audience.

My mission is to help change that! Ready to show up and shine? I can help!

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Hi, I'm Csilla

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To help sophisticated business owners become world-class speakers so they can build their authority, make an impact and build a business that lasts.


Trailblazers. True Leaders. Business savvy creators building lasting, standout global brands who aren’t afraid to do the work, put in the practice, and show up to play big.


Dynamic, high-touch, first-class, strategic mentorship that combines mastery of the art of speaking with cutting-edge marketing and business growth methods.


Janine Mix

Working with Csilla has built my confidence and understanding on what it takes to land speaking opportunities and truly make an impact on stages.

Her step-by-step framework took the guesswork out of what to say, how to deliver, and helped me find the stories to share that will create meaningful change.

After working with her, I booked my first ever PAID keynote speaking opportunity in just a few weeks. I highly recommend Csilla if you are looking to scale your businesses using stages!

Booked my first ever PAID keynote

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Sarah Pappas

I just wrote and delivered one of the best speeches I’ve ever done!  Pre-Csilla I would get a pit in my stomach just thinking about delivering a speech. I used to allow the fear of speaking overwhelm me, mainly because I didn’t have a SYSTEM I could rely on!

When I first learned Csilla's 'Speak To Scale System', it took me 3 hours to write a speech on my own. Today, I knocked it out in 45 minutes and delivered a top notch presentation.

Now, I feel confident knowing that I have the tools to take my expertise and put it into a winning message, every single time.  Csilla is an amazing coach!

BIG WIN today!! 

word on the street 2 of 2

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