The 3 Major Mistakes Most Make When Speaking in Public

Here’s an interesting thing that happens anytime I introduce myself and people ask me what I do. When I tell them that I’m a speaking mentor, usually the response goes something like this: “I wish I was a speaker. I’m not a good speaker, speaking is not my thing. I’m just never going to be a public speaker!”

I find that funny, because here’s my questions: 

  • Do you ever have conversations with other people? 
  • Do you ever share your thoughts with another person? 
  • Do you ever do Instagram Stories? Where you’re sharing something with your audience? Do you ever do Facebook Lives? 
  • Do you ever do YouTube videos? 
  • Do you have a podcast? Like I do? 
  • Do you ever have to do a presentation in front of a boardroom? Or pitch an idea? Or do a sales pitch? 
  • Do you ever have to talk about your business in front of a group or in front of anybody? 

All of those things that I just listed are what’s called public speaking. 

The problem is that when people don’t identify as speakers, they usually think: “Oh, that’s not for me!” So what ends up happening is they’re not going to spend any time and effort on developing there speaking skill. Or they might fall in the other group, which is: “you know what? I’ve been communicating since I’ve been two! So I’m pretty sure I can wing this.”

And here’s what I can tell you. Because I’ve worked with people in both groups, hundreds of people. And what I can tell you is that in both cases, most people walk away, second guessing themselves, beating themselves up, feeling like they failed in getting their message across. They had all these thoughts and ideas, and they forgot to share them. They were rambling, it didn’t sound like they thought it should sound. And so they walk away feeling less than. 

This is why I am so passionate about teaching people to not only feel confident in their communication, but also competent, meaning having a strategy for knowing what you’re doing when you’re speaking, because I know how powerful strategic and dynamic communication can be. 

And so we’re going to take the next few minutes and talk about the three major mistakes. I see pretty much everyone making when it comes to speaking in public and sharing their message. So don’t go anywhere. 

This episode is for you if:

  • You want to rewrite the story you’ve been telling yourself that “I’m not a speaker”
  • You want to learn the mistakes most make when speaking in public so you can avoid them
  • You want to continue elevating your communication skills to make a greater impact



March 17, 2023


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