Top Traits of a Well-Spoken Woman

A well-spoken woman who knows how to use her words skillfully and speak courageously and confidently can work miracles. Over all my years of learning how to become a better communicator, how to convey my message in a more effective way to an audience, and studying women who are such skillful communicators, here’s what I learned: the most well-spoken women have common traits.

In today’s 50th episode we talk about the common traits of well-spoken women. Women who are leaders, trusted voices and trailblazers in their industry and world.

This episode is for you if:

  • You’d like to become a more confident communicator and want to know how
  • You sometimes enter a room or step on a stage and feel nervous or aren’t sure if you are coming off like you want to
  • You want actionable steps to becoming a more well-spoken woman

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May 11, 2023


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