Tactful Tenacity: Harnessing the Power of Graceful Assertiveness

Prepare for takeoff, as we fly into the captivating universe of dynamic communication. I’m here to guide you through the tantalizing tango of assertiveness and grace, the dynamic duo I like to call “Tactful Tenacity.” This episode is more than a handbook; it’s a heartfelt invitation for all women to transform their communication style from “just fine” to “absolutely divine!”

In this episode, you’ll:

  • Unmask the Triad of Troublesome Tendencies that even the best of us trip over in our quest for assertive communication. Are you the:
    • Serial Sorry-Sayer
    • Silent Sage
    • Non-verbal Neglecter
  • Dive into Actionable Antidotes for these mistakes. From turning apologies into gratitude, ensuring your needs are heard without sounding like a megaphone, to the mastery of non-verbal communication, we’ve got the toolbox to help you fine-tune your communication style.
  • Learn how these Simple Steps can look like in reality, as we recreate everyday scenarios, showing you just how you can weave these strategies into your daily dance of dialogue.

And if you’re feeling the thrill of this adventure and crave a deeper dive, the Speaking Made Simple Academy is just the place for you. Learn about the Academy here: https://www.speakingmadesimple.co/academy

Learn more about working with Csilla:

June 9, 2023


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