Self Image & Your Communication

Your self-image directly influences your communication success!

Picture your self-image as your business card, the first impression you leave. It’s a guiding light, shaping all your interactions. Just as you’d not present a business card or plan with a flaw, why should your self-image be any less dazzling? 

The way you elevate your self image is by setting an intentional focus and then deliberately practicing it until you become it!!

Here are a few simple ways to do that.

  • Reflect on Your Self-Image: Is it healthy? Is it true to you? Is it helping you show up powerfully? Don’t just guess, take some time to reflect and jot down your answer and also ask trusted allies. See where you might need a touch-up.
  • Redefine Negative Beliefs: We all have hidden limiting beliefs. Find them. Challenge them. Reframe them into ones that move you towards a healthier more powerful self-image.
  • Envision Your Future Self: What does she look like? How does she speak? How does she show up in any room? Write it down. Visualize her every day. And then show up as her, starting today. It’s like a dress rehearsal for success.

Standing tall in your heels, remember: the strength of your success is in the strength of your self-image. Your self-image is not just a mirror, it’s a power tool. A key to open doors, if you dare to use it.

So, are you ready to see the amazing, influential, and powerful woman in the mirror? Take these steps, lift your self-image, and let the world hear your voice.

The stage is yours. Now, show up and shine.


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July 15, 2023


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