Making a Powerful Impression, on Purpose

Executive Presence = making a powerful impression, on purpose.

First impressions are a big deal. Perception is everything. Is it fair? Probably not. Is it true? Absolutely.

According to statistics most people make a snap judgment in the first 7 seconds of meeting someone. In fact, in a recent study done by Princeton shows that some people are able to make an accurate judgment within the first 1/10 of a second I’m meeting someone. That’s mind blowing! We are judgy, judgy people. And our brain’s main job is to keep us alive and help us survive, and is always looking, assessing for threats. So, when we first meet a person our brain is scanning for threats.

Most people don’t know how to make a great first impression and most believe they don’t make a good first impression. But you can gather the tools and implement the strategy to make a lasting first impression and be one of the most memorable people in any room. 

Here are a few simple ways you can start developing your executive presence:

First: get clear on your PURPOSE: What does purpose have to do with first impressions? When someone is driven by purpose, it’s as though they carry an invisible magnet around them. They attract attention, respect, and intrigue. But why is that? 

  • Purpose breeds confidence. When a person is clear about their mission and what they’re working towards, it grants them a level of determination that is both palpable and contagious. 
  • Purpose sparks passion. People can tell when you’re speaking from your heart, and this passion is highly magnetic. It makes others not only notice you but want to engage with you, hear your story, and connect on a deeper level. 
  • Purpose gives us direction and focus. This sense of direction makes us proactive and decisive, traits that others admire and respect. It makes us appear organized and competent, qualities that elevate our executive presence.

SECOND: pay attention to your MESSAGE: Always be prepared. Whether you speak to an audience of 1 or 10,000. Preparation is key for ensuring your message makes sense.

  • Be clear in how you communicate. Make it easy for people to understand what you are communicating by keeping your sentences and words simple.
  • Be concise. Rambling and talking too much is one of the fastest ways to lose credibility in front of others. So, make sure you keep your message short.
  • Be compelling. Use stories to connect with your listeners. Stories help us engage people we are talking to.

THIRD: Exhibit CHARISMA CUES: As I’m sure you know by now, 93% of our communication is non-verbal. You want to make sure when you show up in a room you are radiating executive presence through your body language. Here are a few charisma cues you can start using right now:

  • Open body: this communicates confidence and being open to engage
  • Genuine smile: this shows you are someone who is approachable
  • Open hand gestures: this communicates trust and that you have nothing to hide
  • Mirroring: this builds rapport and helps you connect faster and better with others 

Developing your executive presence isn’t hard. But it also won’t happen by accident.

If you want to show up in any room confidently, make a great first impression and become one of the most memorable people, you need to be intentional about creating your executive presence, on purpose.


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July 28, 2023


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