Developing an Executive Mindset

Developing and cultivating an executive mindset is the foundation to your success.

At its core, executive presence is about conveying confidence, credibility, and authenticity. It’s about being perceived as a leader, regardless of your rank or title. To project these qualities to others, you first need to believe in them yourself. That’s where self-image and self-worth come in.

Having a healthy self image is KEY to developing an executive mindset. Why? Because how you see yourself impacts how you show up and interact with others. When you know your values you are comfortable embracing the fact that you’re deserving of respect, success, and happiness. If your self-worth is strong, you’re not easily swayed by criticism or failure. You don’t need external validation to feel good about yourself. 

This deep-rooted confidence naturally commands respect and is a crucial part of executive presence. So, a healthy self-image and a strong sense of self-worth aren’t just important for developing an executive presence. They’re the foundation on which it’s built. They empower you to show up as your best self, not just in the boardroom, but in all aspects of your life.

How can you intentionally cultivate an executive mindset through a healthy self image? Start with this simple step: create your own self-image journal!

  1. Get a journal exclusively for this exercise.
  2. Start by making a list of your current self image. How do you see yourself?
  3. Question your statements. Put them on trial. Are they true? Are the things I tell myself about myself really true?
  4. Continue in the journal by making a list of all of your accomplishments. Don’t be shy. Write down any and all accomplishments you can think of.
  5. Now, move onto creating a list with your strengths. What are you good at, what comes easily to you, what are the things you don’t waiver on? What do other people point out as strengths in you?
  6. Finally, make a list of your desired self image and the traits you want to embody. This exercise is easier if you start with “I am” statements.
  7. This is the list you should read and see every day. Start embodying your ideal, future self, NOW! You won’t become her overnight but the more you practice these traits the more they will become part of your new identity and self image.

Having a strong self-image plays a foundational role in how we present ourselves, how we interact with others, and how others perceive us. It is the first and most crucial step in developing an executive mindset and presence. Be careful how you see yourself. Be intentional about designing your own self image.


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August 6, 2023


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