What an Executive Message is and Why it Matters

Your executive message is your secret weapon.

Developing your own executive message won’t happen by accident. Just like with most things in life, following a proven formula will help you develop a more powerful and effective message as well.

So, what is that formula, you ask? Well, here’s a quick snapshot of it:

What you say + How you say it + When you say it = An Executive Message

Let’s break each step down with some practical tips for you to implement…

What you say:

  • Be prepared: Have a plan for what you are going to say. Yes, even if it’s introducing yourself and talking about what you do. Having a plan makes you look more credible.
  • Be clear: Make it easy for people to understand you. Don’t use jargon, overly complicated and wishy-washy words. Be to the point in your message. 
  • Be concise: Word vomiting is a thing and it ain’t pretty. In a world where there are so many words, be short, stay on track and make your point quickly.
  • Be compelling: Best way to do this is to tell more stories. Stories are captivating and they connect us. 

How you say it:

  • Pay attention to your voice: Does the quality of your voice change when you are nervous? Perhaps you start speaking in a higher pitch? Pay attention to that and correct it if needed.
  • Ditch the “upspeak”: Don’t add a question mark at the end of your statements. It makes you sound insecure.
  • Slow it down: Research shows that people who speak a bit slower are less often interrupted. Make sure you don’t speak so fast that people can’t keep up with you.

When you say it:

  • Silence is golden: There’s a time to speak and there’s a time to be silent. Knowing when speaking just adds to the noise is important and will make you like a leader like nothing else.
  • Embrace the pause: Yes, at times it’s going to feel awkward but also very necessary. When you want people to really take your words to heart and reflect on it, make sure you give them time to do so.
  • Listen more listen better: Developing great listening skills is the FOUNDATION to great communication. Most people nowadays don’t know how to be present and listen well. Don’t be one of those people.

In today’s fast-paced world, standing out as a leading lady requires more than just presence; it demands a powerful, precise, and purposeful executive message. This isn’t a mere string of words; it’s a calculated blend of what you say, how you articulate it, and choosing the ideal moment to deliver it. 

By harnessing this trifecta, you can navigate boardrooms and stages with an air of unmatched confidence. Whether you’re introducing yourself or steering a critical discussion, every word counts. Adopt a captivating narrative, modulate your voice with conviction, and master the art of timed silence and active listening. 

Remember, in the orchestra of communication, your executive message is your solo—and darling, it’s your time to shine! 💁‍♀️👠.


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August 14, 2023


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