Remember the time when you had to pay thousands of dollars to get your ads on TV, the radio, or billboards? Better yet, remember the days when the only people who had their voices on the radio or who had their faces on TV were either the famous or news anchors? Guess what! Long gone […]

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Do you ever wonder what makes some speakers super successful? Have you ever sat in an audience or in a group in awe of a speaker and pondered “How did she do that?”  The answer is: through a lot of work! BUT don’t let this discourage you. Stick with me through this episode because there’s […]

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Fueled by strong espresso, a book nerd, avid runner, and no stranger to the stage.

Helping women speak with power and confidence is my superpower. Early on in my career I realized the power of words. Having presented on 1,000+ stages in the last 20 years and mentored hundreds of business owners,  I've seen first hand how much speaking to an audience can boost ones reputation and recognition.

I hate to see highly-skilled entrepreneurs struggling with growing a sustainable business just because they haven't been able to craft and deliver their signature message effectively to a captivated audience.

My mission is to help change that! Ready to show up and shine? I can help!

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