If  you Can't  Confidently Communicate how you are different from your competitors, how will anyone else?

Walk Away Knowing EXACTLY How To Craft + Communicate Your Magnetic Brand Story, Standout Brand Pitch, and One-Of-A-Kind Message in your Unique Voice!

To the female entrepreneur who is Ready To be Known

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master your message

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 Unfortunately, many still don't know how to craft & communicate their message well

🚫 Failing to make your business more relatable by sharing your companies origin story and inviting your audience onto a meaningful journey.

🚫 Sounding just like everyone else. You are your companies X factor. Lean into your YOU-NESS boldly.

🚫 Following an outdated formula whenever you introduce yourself or what you do. Enough with the elevator pitch, already! Time to level up to stand out.

🚫 Inconsistent messaging across the board. Any time you talk about your business or share a piece of content it sounds different, therefore you fail to make a lasting impression.

If you've made these mistakes, it's not your fault.

However, in order to really set yourself apart you must stop making these mistakes and start utilizing the power of your signature message effectively.

Most entrepreneurs understand that having their message dialed in is important, but... ONLY a few really know how to clarify it and communicate it in a compelling way.


Thankfully, help is on the way in the form of The Master Your Message Workshop. I created it specifically with you in mind.

*This is an in-person workshop. Virtual version is coming soon!


  • How to craft and tell your companies signature story in a way that really connects with your clients

  • Why developing a one-of-a-kind brand voice, MATTERS. How to create one and use it as a filter for every piece of content you put out into the universe.

  • How to introduce yourself, your brand and what you do in a compelling way. Since you only get one chance to make a first impression, might as well make it an UNFORGETTABLE one.

  • How to create recognizable content that consistently gets you noticed and remembered.

What You'll Know By The End Of The Master Your Message Workshop

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Founder and CEO at Speaking Made Simple™, a speaker consulting business and training curriculum source for innovative leaders like you.

I’ve been obsessed with figuring out how to help ingenious leading women to speak in a way that is clear, concise and it converts, WITHOUT second-guessing themselves any time they present in front of an audience.  

100+ clients, 1,000+ stages, and 20 years experience later, I’ve pinpointed what dynamic communication, great storytelling and captivating delivery looks like —and now? I get to share these amazing strategies with you, too. 👊

And nope, I don't teach a magic formula where you don't have to do the work but still get outstanding results. Ya can't outsource your sit-ups, and business isn't always a a walk in the park. 

But IF you show up, you'll get my proven and time-tested method to get CLEAR about what you need to do—without breaking the budget—even if you *dread* crafting your signature message  (or don't even really know 100% where to get started with it).

My goals is to help you feel like a freaking rockstar by the end of our time together so that you can confidently share your message, anytime you open your mouth!

Hiya, I'm Csilla (Cheela)

the cold hard truth is:

If You Don’t MASTER YOUR MESSAGE and Own Your Uniqueness, You Will Remain Unknown. And Unknown Keeps You BROKE.

Join me for the workshop and learn:

 join the workshop on January 10

How to craft and tell your signature story

how to introduce yourself and be unforgettable

how to sound confident and like 
no one else. because your uniqueness needs to be heard.

How to create content that gets you recognition and clients

and so much more.