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So they spend hours on curating the 'perfect' Instagram posts, creating opt-ins and putting out content to build that list of potential leads. Maybe they’re even spending money on Facebook ads. 

But there's just one problem. It's not working! Most of the time, they still feel IGNORED!

They all have one specific goal... a long pipeline filled with dream clients and paying customers. 

What do entrepreneurs, coaches and business owners have in common?

Because they're still procrastinating on the ONE thing that helps them get visible more than anything else.

The ONE thing that actually connects them with people. The real person behind the brand, their voice, unhidden, out there on camera, on podcasts and on the stage. 

When it comes down to it, it is being able to share ones vision, ideas and offers with an audience in such a way that it transforms those listening and moves people into action.

Which begs the question, WHY? Why aren't the "proven strategies" working for these fabulous entrepreneurs?


By booking Csilla as the speaker of your next event you are giving your audience a gift. 

The gift of not only being entertained by a dynamic speaker while learning valuable information BUT more importantly... the gift of visibility. Knowing how to create more of it! That's what grows a business.

Csilla’s style of communication is thought provoking, engaging, humorous and practical. She works extremely hard to ensure that all keynotes contain the right ingredients of stories, models and implementation ideas.

This leaves listeners feeling confident about the ideas shared and how to utilize them when they return to their business and home office.

speaker and speaking consultant to ambitious leaders

Perfect combo of warmth + power

time to shine

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Lucy Miller

Csilla was one of the speakers at our fall TN Women Connect LIVE conference and she was phenomenal. Her topic on showcasing who you are through your message and on any “stage” was incredible.

Csilla is great at connecting with the audience and always giving more than expected. She is an engaging and captivating speaker.

Highly engaging!

clients NO. 1 of 2

Founder of Tennessee Women Connect

Kaye Brewer

"Csilla was the keynote speaker and entertainer for our annual employee recognition banquet. We are so thankful to her for sharing her kind and inspiring words and talent!

She did an amazing job and was able to really connect with the audience. We had several people say she brought them to tears….in a good way.

Her voice and message are as beautiful as her heart!"

Csilla really connected with the audience

clients  NO. 2 of 2

CHRO, Maury Regional Hospital

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Hot topics for your next event featuring Csilla:

  1. How to build your authority & business with speaking
  2. The mindset for speaking with confidence
  3. Leveraging the power of stories for business growth
  4. Creating a magnetic brand message that connects 
  5. Successful leaders speak differently

book csilla

What you can expect working with Csilla:

  • Dedication, kindness, humility and a commitment to serve you and your community to the best of her ability
  • Prompt, courteous and professional replies to phone calls and email messages
  • An initial phone consultation with Csilla or a member of her team prior to your event
  • An announcement about your event on to Csilla's email list and social media channels (per your permission)
  • A professionally prepared, fun, engaging presentation designed to meet your objectives and the unique needs of your audience
  • Full engagement with the conference planners and attendees during the course of the event
  • A brief, post-event communication for evaluation purposes

Csilla's Bio

With comprehensive experience in public speaking, performance, and storytelling, Csilla prides herself in helping others command any stage with confidence.

Her journey began over 20+ years ago when she first started out as a touring singer traveling all over the world performing on well over a thousand stages.

10 years into her singing career she also became a well respected keynote speaker at various faith-based, corporate and non-profit events.

These varying skills, industries and array of certifications – from pursuing continued education credits in public speaking,  marketing, 

to becoming a John Maxwell certified coach and consultant – speak to her insatiable hunger for pursuing excellence and never settling for average.

This continued drive for growth brought her to opportunities with the University of Virginia, The John Maxwell Team, and Maury Regional Hospital with mentorship access to John Maxwell, Dan Miller and James Wedmore.

Now, she’s the CEO and Founder of Speak To Scale Society, an education + media company. With the help of her small but mighty team, Csilla helps business owners grow their reputation and revenue by speaking on stages in order to establish themselves as a household name in their industry.