Standout Speaker Intensive

An In-Depth Strategy Session + Customized Plan  For
Wildly Successful Speeches Delivered  To Your Audience,
Resulting In “Oh…My…WOW!” Reactions.

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An In-Depth Strategy Session + Customized Plan  For
Wildly Successful Speeches Delivered  To Your Audience,
Resulting In “Oh…My…WOW!” Reactions.

Remember the time...

…when you desperately wanted to be where you are right now?
It's pretty amazing to reflect on how far you've come isn't it? But let me ask you this… is this where you wanna stop? 
OR is it time to see what's REALLY POSSIBLE for you?

I'm willing to bet your answer to that question is “ABSO-FRIGGING-LUTELY”. (after all, you are here)

Stop me if I'm wrong… 

You are an accomplished individual because you've ALWAYS had big, bold visions for your life. You are driven, ambitious, and an action taker (what I affectionately call an ACTIONISTA). 

You are not one to settle for anything short of WILDLY spectacular.
And you've definitely gotten a taste of it… to a degree, anyway.

You hit that first level of success quickly, you've expanded your business, your clients and students LOVE working with you, but there's one thing that still eludes you…

The title of “trusted go-to expert and sought-after thought leader" of your industry.

Most of the time you still feel like you are your industry's best kept secret. Which drives you BONKERS.

And here's the kicker...

You already know that in order to build the kind of clout and recognition you not only desire but also deserve…

You need to, without hesitation, confidently be able to:






But even with every well-intentioned podcast pitch, Zoom presentation, IG live and in person speaking you've done to get yourself seen and make that incredible impact you know you're destined for…

You haven't quite been able to get the traction and recognition you've been hoping for!

Which begs the question...

If there was a customized plan that 
shows you how to speak confidently and persuasively on any platform…

and attract high-quality dream clients instantly, in a way that feels aligned with your strengths

while establishing yourself as the leading voice in your niche (without having to spend hours a day pitching yourself)…

would you finally feel confident to go all in on becoming a recognizable name in your industry by speaking on more stages?




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Well, here's a little secret. It's totally possible for you to WOW any audience speak to without second-guessing yourself AND build your business at the same time.

a dream made possible by...

the standout Speaker Intensive

An in-depth strategy session + customized plan for sophisticated business owners like yourself who are ready to go all in on becoming a recognizable name by speaking on more stage with confidence. 

(Because If Anyone Has An Untamable Vision For The Future, It's YOU!)

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The results are REAL! But don't just take my word for it!

Hey fabulous, I'm Csilla

Fueled by strong espresso, a book nerd, avid runner, and no stranger to the stage.

Helping women speak with power and confidence on stage is my superpower. Early on in my career I realized the power of the stage. Having presented on 1,000+ stages in the last 20 years and mentored hundreds of business owners, I've seen first hand how much speaking to an audience can boost ones reputation and recognition.

I hate to see highly-skilled entrepreneurs struggling with growing a sustainable business just because they haven't been able to craft and deliver their standout message effectively to a captivated audience.

My mission is to help change that!

Ready to step in front of your captivated audience?

how the intensive works

You lock in your intensive spot - by clicking on the “Book My Intensive” button below and completing your registration. Once your payment goes through, you will receive a link to a questionnaire as well as to my calendar so you can reserve your day and time with me.

We get on a 90-minute strategy call - during this session we deep dive into your specific situation. We asses where you currently are and set specific speaking goals that align with where you want to be. 

You receive your customized plan - right after our call, I go away and prepare your SPEAK TO SCALE Action Plan which is a written, step-by-step blueprint with my recommendations on how you should move forward. This will be delivered to you with our call recording within a week. 


“Before working with Csilla I didn't really know how to talk about my business. She really helped me clarify my brand message and know exactly what I should say when I talk about my business.

Csilla really is the queen of clear communication and the best teacher I've seen in a long time.”

darla morrison - entrepreneur

"Working with Csilla has built my confidence and understanding on what it takes to land speaking opportunities and truly make an impact on stages. Her step-by-step framework took the guesswork out of what to say, how to deliver, and helped me find the stories to share that will create meaningful change.

After working with her, I booked my first ever PAID keynote speaking opportunity in just a few weeks. I highly recommend Csilla if you are looking to scale your businesses using stages!"

janine mix - marketing + biz consultant

I cannot believe how much we got done in just 90 minutes. I'm blown away. Thank you for helping me fix my speaker page and getting my speaker portfolio ready for pitching. 

Today I got my first booked speaking engagement and it's all thanks to you. You are the best, Csilla."

machelle wells - keynote speaker

what some of my clients say...

i am ready to blow your mind

are you ready to shine on stage?

Give me just 90-minutes and I'll help you show up feeling ready and confident!

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Why Choose Working With Me?

1. There's a strategic approach behind the Standout Speaker Intensive. A proven system that's been honed for years by me and tested by many of my clients and students. The system works!

2. I live and breath everything I teach. After 20+ years of performing on over 1,000 stage around the world I can tell you, I would never teach you something that didn't stand the test of time or ask you to do anything that I haven't already done successfully.

3. "Minimum viable" is my middle name. But seriously, I'm all about getting wildly successful results using only the necessary steps. Who has time for fluff, am I right?




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4. Polishing your speaking skills and growing your business should be a fun process! I'm a big believer in keeping our sessions light hearted. So, we are going to have a good time. Just ask my returning clients.


What’s the difference between the Standout Speaker Intensive and the ‘Speaker Accelerator' Mentorship Program?

The ‘Speaker Accelerator Mentorship’ Program is for established business owners and leaders who are ready to go all in on stepping onto big stages with their message and offers in order to  build authority and trust in their industry. It's a 12 week program where we work on their message,  the offer and content that aligns with that message, a marketing and PR plan for getting on big stages and much more.

THIS consulting session is meant to give you a quick, focused clarity on aspects of your speaking journey with a step by step blueprint so that you can take it and implement on your own. 

Can we develop a full keynote presentation during this session?

Crafting and fully developing a keynote takes some time. In fact, inside the "Speaker Accelerator Program" we do that over 3 sessions.  It takes several steps and revisions to put it together so this session does not have sufficient time for us to do this work. We can create a rough draft  but if you’re looking for a fully customized presentation, the ‘Speaker Accelerator Mentorship’ program will be a better fit.

What if I decide after our Speaker Intensive that I want to continue working with you 1: 1?

Absolutely! You can work with me in the ‘Speaker Accelerator Mentorship’ program after our session. You can even apply 100% of your investment from the Speaker Intensive towards the Mentorship Program.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. Just email me directly at and I'll tell you how you can do that.

Will I get a follow up session with you after the Speaker Intensive?

Only if you purchase the bonus "30-minutes added time" offer at checkout. THIS consulting session is meant to give you a quick, focused clarity on aspects of your speaking journey with a step by step blueprint so that you can take it and implement on your own. If you’re looking for deeper 1:1 support and edits on the work you create, the ‘Speaker Accelerator Mentorship’ program will be a better fit.

Got some Qs? Don't let me leave you hangin'!

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