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“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values, and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.” – Steve Jobs If there is one thing I’ve learned in my 22 + years of being on stage as a performing artist and keynote speaker is this: stories […]

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Your executive message is your secret weapon. Developing your own executive message won’t happen by accident. Just like with most things in life, following a proven formula will help you develop a more powerful and effective message as well. So, what is that formula, you ask? Well, here’s a quick snapshot of it: What you […]

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Are you tired of stumbling over your words when you meet new people? Do you wish you had a quick and compelling way to introduce yourself and your skills? Do you want to stand out in any crowd and make a great first impression? Then you’ll want to stick around. In this episode we talk […]

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“Do I have what it takes to be an impactful influencer?” “Am I enough to be a great leader?” “Am I worth following?” Most people I know and work with are constantly asking themselves these questions.  And you might have found yourself asking these questions, too, at some point of your entrepreneurial journey. The truth is, […]

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Here’s an interesting thing that happens anytime I introduce myself and people ask me what I do. When I tell them that I’m a speaking mentor, usually the response goes something like this: “I wish I was a speaker. I’m not a good speaker, speaking is not my thing. I’m just never going to be […]

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Have you ever watched a woman with a background and talents similar to your own find greater success? If so, you’ve probably wondered what made the difference. What caused her to meet her goals while you struggle in frustration, perhaps even feeling that the odds are stacked against you? If you’ve ever felt like that, welcome to […]

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“Not all readers are leaders but all great leaders are readers.” ~Harry S. Truman Here’s what I’d add to this quote. All great communicators are readers. And in today’s episode we are going to discuss the 5 books that made me a better communicator and why I believe these books will do the same for […]

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People watch a reality show on tv where there are two equally talented people singing the same song. One of them gives the audience goose bumps; the other one leaves everybody “cold.”  You can listen to speakers. Both are very professional. Their message is on point and their method of delivery is flawless. But why […]

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Your vocal presence is the quality of what others hear when you speak. Therefore, developing a strong vocal presence is crucial for your success and influence. The quality of your voice, the sound can shape how others perceive you, what they believe about you, and ultimately if they should listen to you. In today’s episode […]

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Is it really possible to change the quality,  presence and sound of your speaking voice so that when you do speak you come across confident and calm? Can you learn to use your speaking voice in a way so that: All of these are possible when you learn to elevate your vocal presence so that […]

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Speaker, Author and CEO of Speaking Made Simple™. Fueled by strong espresso, a book nerd, avid runner, and no stranger to the stage.

Helping women highly-skilled and confident communicators is my superpower. Early on in my career I realized the power of words. Having presented on 1,000+ stages in the last 25 years and mentored hundreds of leading women, I've seen first hand how much compelling communication and speaking to an audience can boost ones reputation and recognition.

I hate to see brilliant women struggling to establish themselves as the go-to expert in their field just because they haven't been able to break the code of dynamic and confident communication.

My mission is to help change that! Ready to show up and shine? I can help!

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Hi, I'm Csilla!

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In this episode you'll learn what the Enneagram is and how knowing your number helps you understand your speaking style.


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Is fear of speaking holding you back from growing your impact, image and income? It's normal and something you can overcome.


What is charisma, really?

Want to draw people in every time you speak + show up with charisma? This episode is for you. Listen HERE.


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We’ve got a major problem. As business owners, entrepreneurs and consultants most of us are being ignored.



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